St. Johns River Trip - Latest Map Update

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08 March, 2011

what we set out to do. Have a good night everyone out there in air conditioned houses ;-)
ut on the river. Tomorrow, we'll be making the 32 mile trip home. Was hoping to do the whole river again one more time, but we've had a blast, and that's
schedule conflict that came up. Once we realized that we were dropping anchor at riverbluff, we went ahead and made an early stop to have one more day o
Unfortunately, it looks like our trip is gonna have to be cut short. Andrew has done an incredible job, but is getting really worn down, and Popeye has a

07 March, 2011

Greetings, Stephen here. Today was probably the most scenic. Wide open fields with patches of palm trees here and there. We saw 113 gators, 2 of which were dead. 5-6 bald eagles, and a ton of cows. We're camping on an old Indian shell mound tonight. Goodnight!
Camped on the great mound. Super tired...but day 3 is in the bag.

06 March, 2011

d now pretty much falling asleep as I write this! Good night!